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12:00pm   Registration and Exhibits

1:50 pm   Overview and Welcome – Christina Schwindt, MD, President CSAAI

2:10pm    Update on SLIT Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis and AsthmaDavid Skoner, MD

2:50pm    Why the Dust Mite is Such a Great Allergen! – Thomas Platts-Mills, MD

3:30pm    Panel Discussion / Q&A

3:45pm    Breaks & Exhibits

4:15pm    Top Allergy Papers

5:00pm    Infant and Toddler Anaphylaxis – J Allen Meadows, MD

5:40pm    Faculty Panel Discussion / Q&A

6:00pm    Reception & Exhibits

7:00am   Exhibits

8:00am   OverviewRobert Eitches, MD, Program Chair

8:10am   Problem Based Learning Balancing Safety and Efficacy of Asthma Therapy in AdultsDavid Skoner, MD

8:50am   Mastocytosis: New Advances in Diagnosis and TreatmentCem Akin, MD 

9:30am  Severe Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A Rhinologist’s Bag of Tricks Arthur Wu, MD

10:10am  Panel Discussion / Q&A

10:30am  Break and Exhibits

10:50am  Anaphylaxis: Delayed, Regional and Dangerous.  What happens if the Allergen is a Glycolipid?Thomas Platts-Mills, MD

11:30am   Anaphylaxis and Mast Cell Activation SyndromesCem Akin, MD

12:10pm   Advocacy Council Regulatory Update:  What’s New in 2018?  J Allen Meadows, MD

12:50pm   Panel Discussion/Q&A

1:05pm   Adjourn

6:30am   Annual Business Meeting Breakfast

7:00am   Break & Exhibits

8:00am   OverviewMarilyn Li, MD

8:10am   Food Allergy Desensitization – The Stanford ExperienceSharon Chinthrajah, MD

8:50am   Dust Mites – Everything You Need to Know – Thomas Platts-Mills, MD

9:30am   Panel Discussion / Q&A

9:45am   Break & Exhibits

10:00am   Food Allergy Prevention, Diagnosis, and TherapySharon Chinthrajah, MD

10:40am  New Treatments for Non-allergic Rhinitis – Evan Walgama, MD

11:20am   Panel Discussion / Q&A

11:30am   Closing RemarksChristina Schwindt, MD, President CSAAI

11:45am   Adjourn